Numbuh 2, Sector V's 2x4 Technology Officer

The 2x4 Technology Officer is the Operative in charge of developing and maintaining 2x4 technology in a Kids Next Door Sector Treehouse. Their position is valued in the Kids Next Door because 2x4 technology is the kids Next door's primary weapon against the adults and the teens. The 2x4 Technology officers most likely build S.C.A.M.P.E.R.'s, which are commonly used for travel in the kids next door.

Every year the Kids Next Door hold a 2x4 technology convention, where 2x4 technology officers from every sector come and show off a new gadget. It should be noted that Sector A does not have a 2x4 technology officer because they do not believe in 2x4 technology or violence. 2x4 technology officers usually make their technology from basic household items as seen in most episodes.

However in Operation: S.C.I.E.N.C.E., this does not always apply as I can't believe its not booger was probably made out of some kind of chemical mixture. Alot of 2x4 Technology Officers watch Doctor Time Space in the Continuums as seen in Operation: A.M.I.S.H..

2x4 Technology Officers

Sector V: Numbuh 2

Sector B: Numbuh 1-2

Sector F: Numbuh 66

Sector G: Numbuh 202

Sector H: Numbuh 30c

Sector K: Numbuh 22

Sector M: Numbuh 222.2

Sector T: Numbuh 149

Sector X: Numbuh 42


  • The Scientists at The Kids Next door Deep Sea Science Lab are similar to 2x4 Technology Officers in that they both develop weapons for the kids next door, however, the scientists tend to create more complex biological weapons.
  • Despite the fact that the 2x4 Technology officers create the 2x4 Technology, it was hinted in The Grim Adventures of The KND that they might not be the ones to make up the acronym for them.
  • Despite their importance to the Kids Next Door, not all sectors have a 2x4 technology officer.
  • It seems a lot of the 2x4 Technology Officers numbuhs contain the number 2, most blatently Numbuh 222.2

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