Accounting and Son
Accounting and Son
Location Type Business/Villain Headquarters
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Appearances Operation: K.N.O.T.

Accounting and Son is a company where accountants are known to work alongside their sons. It is owned by Windsor's father (who is referred to as Daddy).

Vin Moosk formerly worked here, but because of the tie he wore at work, Moosk quit his job and dedicated his life to hunting ties. After Moosk destroyed the Queen Tie, he went back to his old job here, until Numbuh One reminded him about his tie-hunting ways (with a can of starch) and Moosk quit his job here, again.

It is only seen in Operation: K.N.O.T.. Its known employees are Vin MooskWindsorFroggy McDougal, and Windsor's father, "Daddy."


  • It is possible that Accounting and Son is open 24 hours, seeing as Windsor made Moosk work all night.

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