Alamode Trap Set Off - KND

A trap was set off by Numbuh 19th Century when he retrieved the cake recipe.

The Alamode was a battle site for the 19th Century KND. It took place at the home of the Annoyingly Cute Triplets Who Lived Upon the Hill. The name is a parody of the Alamo Mission in San Antonio and is also a reference to the French term "al la mode" which means "on the side".

The Battle

The Alamode Site - KND

Sector V in front of the Alamode sign.

In the battle, 5,000 KND members stormed the area and sent Numbuh 19th Century inside to retrieve the ACTWLUTH's mother's recipe. However, once Numbuh 19th Century took it, it triggered a massive strawberry ice cream explosion, presumably freezing everyone within the explosion's blast radius. It took 10 years to get everyone out and, since they were all over 13, they were all decommissioned. The last member discovered was Numbuh 19th Century, who was freed in the 21st century. He then developed a crush - to be more specific, he was charming her into getting what he wanted - on Numbuh 86, but she still decommissioned him.

The Alamode Ruins

The Alamode is now a bunch ruin, possibly old 2x4 technology, and the remnants ACTWLUTH's mansion. KND operatives go there before a dangerous mission. Numbuh 4 refers to it as "learning" and would rather be at school. It is now run by Numbuh 50 Million B.C..

Known Participants


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