The Animalization Ray is a weapon developed by Father. As the name implies, it transforms any (and only) KND operatives into animals. The name is a misnomer, since it is more of an infinitely-expanding bubble of yellow energy than a ray.

In Operation: G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S., Father used it against the Kids Next Door. Somehow, he was able to sync the weapon with the Code Module, ensuring that only KND operatives would be affected by the ray. The ray soon enveloped the entire planet and began expanding into space, and none of the KND's defences - even modified Birthday Suits - were able to stop its effects but cracks and turns the opreative into a animal.

However, new KND operative Tommy Gilligan discovered the Animalization Ray's weakness: its complete reliance on the Code Module for targets. Thus, he made himself immune to the ray's effect by removing his DNA from the Module, allowing him to infiltrate the Delightful Mansion From Down The Lane. He proceeded to input DNA from Father's children into the Code Module, making them KND Operatives and viable targets for their ray. Father had no problem with this and went to attack Tommy, but luckily the animalized Sector V went and held off Father while Tommy went to the prison cages to free all of his animalized teammates. Father soon defeated Sector V and attacked Tommy just after he finished freeing his remaining teammates. Before he could do anymore harm to Tommy, the latter inputs Father's booger into the Code Module, therefore turning Father into an animal. After trapping Father in one of the animal prison cages, Tommy proceeded into getting into the room which was keeping the Animalization Ray active. Tommy then got onto the table and kicked the orb powering the ray off its pedestal, causing it to break. Because of that, all of the animalized KND operatives were returned back to normal.

Tommy's actions however helped Father for a later plan as revealed in Operation: I.T. because this allowed Father to become KND leader when Numbuh 362 couldn't take the stress of doing her job as leader anymore.


  1. Numbuh 88: Rooster
  2. Numbuh 5: Gazelle
  3. Numbuh 4: Koala
  4. Numbuh 3: Crane
  5. Numbuh 2: Hippopotamus
  6. Numbuh 1: Seal
  7. Numbuh 86: Dog
  8. Numbuh 44: Kangaroo
  9. Numbuh 99: Warthog
  10. Numbuh 92: Polar Bear/Racoon
  11. Numbuh 202: Cow
  12. Numbuh 362: Monkey
  13. DCFDTL: Sheep
  14. Father: Panther
  15. Other animals include a goat, a beaver, an ostrich, a pink elephant, a parrot, a tortoise, a duck, a pig, an anteater, three baby bird chicks, a buffalo, a green chicken, a camel, a bat, a pink toucan, a porcupine and a giraffe.


  • It is unknown why Numbuh 92 turn into a polar bear than later he was seen safe, then after he was struck again as a racoon.