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Boys Next Door
Boys Next Door
Occupation Future KND
Voice All KND voice
Cameos None

The Boys Next Door was an all-male organization similar to the Kids Next Door existing in an alternate future seen in Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E.. They fight against Madame Margaret and her Girl Squad, who in this timeline had taken over the world and turned almost everyone into girls.

In a final battle against the girl squad, all of the BND were girlyfied and became new members of the girl Squad.

They were led by an aged Numbuh 4 and included boys resembling (and presumably descendants of) Numbuhs 1, 2, and 5. Sally Sanban, Numbuh 3's granddaughter, joined the BND disguised as a boy and after being discovered shortly before their final battle convinced them to let her stay to keep her safe from Madam Margaret; her joining prompted Numbuh 4 to rechristen the group the Kids Next Door. Numbuh 1's apparent descendant seems to have a crush on Kuki's granddaughter, as they are seen acting shy around each other and blushing when they talk to each other.


The Boys Next Door are a ragtag group and use very basic and improvised materials and sports equipment for clothing and armour. They often wear head and ears bands, shoulder pads, and ropes tied around their bodies. They all wear jetpacks during battle.

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