Camp Lemmeouttahere
Camp Lemmeouttahere
Location Type Villain Headquarters
Used By Chester
Appearances Operation: C.A.M.P.

Camp Lemmeouttaheah was the location at which Operation: C.A.M.P. took place.

Sector V was assigned to check out the camp because it was suspected that kids were being forced to go there by their parents. During the events of this episode, Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 3 become attached to a baby skunk that they find and name Bradley. This distracts them from their mission, and almost prevents them from stopping Chester, who was hypnotizing children into making cheap souveniers. In the end, Bradley ends up saving everyone with the help of Bradley's parents, and becomes honorary KND operative Numbuh 6.


  • The name, Camp Lemmeouttahere is a pun on "Let me out of here!".

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