Central Bike Hub
Central Bike Hub
Location Type KND Base
Used By Numbuh 10-Speed, Numbuh 1818, Numbuh 703-Bikes, and many other KND Operatives
Appearances Operation: T.R.I.C.Y.C.L.E.

The Central Bike Hub is a place where KND operatives can ride bikes. The only way there is by going through a car wash and then riding on miles of bike trails. The leader is Numbuh 10-Speed.


  • Several other unnamed operatives


Car Wash- A secret entrance to the Bike Hub. Operatives ride into the car wash and ride down a tunnel to the hub.

Hanger- A staging area for bikes. There are several bike racks located around the room and many tunnels lead into this area. There is a crane for maintenance on the upper level. 

Assembly Room- There is a platform in the center and several stands are above and in front of the platform. A projector is on the platform and cars hang from the ceiling.

Command Room- This room is on top of the hub. It is a circular room with tons of computer terminals and has windows all around the walls.


  • The treehouse is apparently built upon the General Sherman (located in Sequoia National Park, California), the tallest non-clonal tree in the world.
  • The Central Bike Hub is built for KND jets which is the bicycles.

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