Coach Wetterhahn
Coach Wetterhahn
Occupation Football Coach
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Homebase Hendry Middle School
Cameos N/A

Coach Wetterhahn is a football coach at Hendry Middle School who coached Chad Dickson's football team "The Jets".


Coach Wetterhahn was first mentioned in Operation: C.H.A.D., when Chad threatens to ruin his own life in order to get his parents to unstupify all the other KND Operatives.

In Operation: L.E.A.D.E.R., just like when Chad betrayed the KND in Operation: E.N.D., he took the role of a villain when he let Chad and his team plan an invasion of the Kids Next Door Moonbase, and when Numbuh 4 blew up the football stadium with the Footbomb he gave to Chad. The furious coach made the bruised Jets do 6,000 push-ups as punishment.


  • In Operation: C.H.A.D., Chad quit the team, yet he was seen on the team again in Operation: L.E.A.D.E.R..
    • It is likely that Chad got back on to the team after he got his parents to stop their villainous actions.