Occupation Boy-kidnappers and rodeo
Voice n/a
Homebase A Ranch
Cameos Operation: R.O.D.E.O.

Cowgirls is a trio of girls dressed up as cowgirls who kidnap boys and puts them in a rodeo-area to capture with a lasso and kiss.

They appeared in Cartoon Network Action Pack 45 where they kidnapped Numbuh 4 and took him to their ranch when he didn't want to kiss them. There he was held in a fenced-in area where the cowgirls ride huge dogs and capture boys with lasso. Numbuh 4 was quickly captured, but before they could kiss them they were scared away by Numbuh 2 who wanted to kiss them.


  • Billie Jean Jo Beth (leader)
  • Becky Sue Mary Pete
  • Sally Jane Pickle Rose

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