This game is from the Cartoon Network website KND section. It is a puzzle game.
B cknd escape mission

KND Escape Mission


Being a secret operative for the Kids Next Door isn`t easy: it takes constant practice to keep your spy skills sharp. that`s why Numbuh 1 is putting the KND through today's training mission. The objective is to find the best escape route through the Treehouse in as few steps as possible.


Arrow Keys: Move the operative around, push crates or metallic doors.

Spacebar: switch between characters (absolutely needed for some levels)

Reset: Reset the level and lose one life.


1. On some levels, you will get to new items that will block you.

A- You cannot push a box if it there is another one behind it.

B: Metallic doors move on their axe, and cannot be pushed if there is a crate behind it, so use them wisely.

C: Switching between operatives is a pain in the neck if you don't know when and where to move them. In level 5, you must get Numbuh 5 (sleeping far from Numbuh 3, switch them by pushing Space) to an open spot that will block her if Numbuh 3 then pushes the crate. Just wake up Numbuh 5 and push the crate away, so you will permise Numbuh 3 to pass too. Other traps like that are spread through the game.

D: Some more special items are explained during the directives. Read them even if they will not appear before long. So, think you are ready to practice your "spy skills?" Go!

If you lose

Training Mission Failed

But a real spy never quits.

Give it another go, mate!

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