Faculty 4
Occupation Substitute Teachers
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The Faculty 4 are an evil super-powered team representing "Substitute Teacher's Day", much like the Elfa Strike Squad. They are led by Edna Jucation, although she is not actually part of the group. The Faculty Four are jealous of Santa Claus due to his holiday being the most popular and theirs being completely unknown, and are employed by the Delightful Children From Down The Lane during Operation: N.A.U.G.H.T.Y.. They are a parody of the Fantastic Four, in the same way that Elfa Strike is based on the X-Men.

The Faculty Four consists of:

  • Mr. Physically Fitastic: A gym teacher who is so fit he can stretch his body to impossible lengths. He is the de facto leader of the group (since Edna doesn't fight) and a parody of Mr. Fantastic.
  • Unintelligible Tutor: A tutor whose confusing speech gives everyone headaches, and a parody of the Invisible Woman. Her name is similar to the Terrible Tutor.
  • Thesaurus Rex: A T-Rex made of thesauruses, a parody of The Thing.
  • The Human Text: A man made out of paper, a play on the idea of a person being "a walking dictionary", and a parody of the Human Torch. He can create paper whirlwinds and cause massive paper cuts and can reassemble if he is blown apart.