Filthy Crew
Occupation S.S. Stinkypants Crew
Voice Rob Paulsen
Carlos Alazraqui
Jason Marsden
Dee Bradley Baker
Cameos N/A

Picture 46

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The Filthy Crew are the crew of Captain James P. Dirt. The Filthy Crew only appearance was in Operation: D.U.C.K.Y.. The Filthy Crew are kids who refuse to take baths. They laugh at Tommy Gilligan's butt when he puts his cape up. Also they were trying to take down Moby Duck, along with Tommy, so it will keep the Filthy Crew from being clean. The Filthy Crew, hence by the name are very filthy.

Known Members

  • Dr. Muckoy (Parody of Dr. McCoy)
  • Mr. Slob (Parody of Mr. Spock)
  • Mr. Pee-ew (Parody of Mr. Sulu)
  • Spotty (Parody of Scotty)


  • Like Captain James P. Dirt, the crew is based on the crew of the Starship Enterprise from the original series of Star Trek.
  • Unlike Captain Dirt, the crew is comprised of kids.

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