The Fluffy Meadows Rainbow Monkey Retirement Home is a retirement business center for Rainbow Monkeys who are too old to be played with. It was only seen in the episode Operation: H.O.M.E..

The Business

The home was very likely created by Nurse Claiborne in order to get Rainbow Monkeys chopped up for Rainbow Munchies cereal. In order to disguise the retirement home center, there are few RBs who watch TV, have fun, and play bingo.


  • Secretary (and henchman of Nurse Claiborne)
  • Nurse Claiborne
  • Bingo-Calling Teenager (who is not evil)


  • Put into question is how the bingo-game teenager works at the Retirement Home Center if the center is really a fraud to get Rainbow Monkeys into the Rainbow Munchies cereal factory underground. (possibly a goof)
  • The way Numbuh 3 delivered her very first Rainbow Monkey into the Retirement Home Center is similar to how elderly Sol Roth went to an assisted suicide base is similar to the film Soylent Green. The episode is a parody of that movie as well.

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