Froggy McDougal
Froggy McDougal
Occupation Tie hunter / Accountant
Voice Dave Wittenberg
Cameos None

"Come to Froggy, nasty ones! Bring our finger back to us!"-- Froggy McDougal

Froggy McDougal is a human with frog traits and was one of the comrades of Vin Moosks' tie fighting group the others were Windsor and later Nigel Uno. He wanted revenge against the ties due to one that bit his finger off sometime in the 1970s, which Windsor explained to Nigel. Later when the group storms Tieland Shopping Mall (which was reduced to an abandoned decrepit parking lot that now serves as a breeding nest for the ties), after Moosk explains to Nigel his reasons for hunting ties, Froggy warns Moosk to keep silent as to not give away their position to Queen Tie lurking within the mall, but she wakes up nonetheless. Froggy then runs forward and yells at Queen Tie to show herself not noticing that the creature was directly behind him. By the time Froggy does notice, he is instantly turned into an accountant by the monster, thus leaving the mission to Moosk, Windsor and Numbuh 1.

He was seen working in the same office with Moosk at Accounting and Son. He is voiced by Dave Wittenberg.


  • He is an obvious parody of Gollum from the Hobbit and Lord of The Rings trilogies.
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    Froggy (right) after turned into an accountant

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