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Girl Squad
Girl Squad
Occupation Soldiers, Guards
Voice Rachael MacFarlane
Candi Milo
Tara Strong
Lauren Tom
Homebase St. Rita's Preparatory School
Cameos N/A

The Girl Squad are the minions of Madame Margaret, who wield Girlifying Rifles that can turn any person or thing hit by it into a girl and or girly things. In the alternate future seen in the episode, Madame Margaret and her minions have taken over the world and turned nearly all males on the planet into girls, but this future was averted, thanks to Numbuh 4 making the Girl Squad forever non-existent.

The girls in Madame Margaret's army hate boys, and enjoy frightening and 'executing' innocent boys and often throw insults at the Boys Next Door operatives when battling them. They are also known to cry whenever there is an emergency. In response to the boys' jet packs they have fairy wings. They are much more powerful than the BND. In defense, the girls use heavy heart-shaped cannons that are much faster than regular weapons.


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