I'm So in Love is a song performed in the musical in Operation: L.O.V.E..


Numbuh 3: What is this feeling,
That I hope will never pass?
What is this feeling,
That Mom thinks is just gas?

It makes me queasy,
So uneasy,
And just a little funky,
Like a giant huggy-wuggy,
Smiling Rainbow Monkey!

I never cared so much before,
More than I love stuffed animals.
Now my life is happiness galore,
My heart flies like the, umm...seagulls.

What can it be,
This mystery,
Happening to me?
Can my friends see,
I'm happily in love!?

I've said it,
Isn't that so cute?
I've said it,
And really really sweet,
I've said it,
Like yummy fresh fruit,
I've said it,
Tonight, we finally meet,

I'm so in love,
My heart is full.
I'm so in love,
It's adorable!
I'm so in loooooooooove!

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