Jerry Rassic
Jerry Rassic
Occupation Creator of Bully Island's bullies
Voice Jason Marsden
Homebase Bully Island
Cameos N/A
 "Song long, Suckers! Enjoy your stay on Bully Island!"-- Jerry

Jerry Rassic is a boy that lives on Bully Island, and supposedly creates the bullies there.


Due to his irreversable wedgie, his face is twisted into a permanent look of discomfort. He also has red hair and blue eyes.


Back in 1st grade, he was given a wedgie by Numbuh 4, so bad that doctors could not remove the underwear, leaving him with an an irreversible wedgie. Since then, Jerry has plotted his revenge.

He lured Numbuhs 4 and 2 to Bully Island, pretending to like them, until he sent them to rescue his nonexistent sister, making them fall into a bully trap. He then explains his story, and claims that he and Hoagie could've been friends, had he not hung out with a bully (Numbuh 4).

When Jerry got angry at the bullies for not attacking them (due to Hoagie managing to befriend the Wedgiesaurus Rex), calling them names, they assisted the operatives and turned against Jerry. When Jerry tried to escape on his ship, the bullies pulled it back down and pulled him out, letting Numbuh 2 and 4 go, then ganging up on Jerry.


  • His first and last name are a pun on the word "Jurassic" from the movie, Jurassic Park, which the episode in general is a homage to.

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