A Neutral Point of View, in normal terms, is a view that is unbiased and uninfluenced by outside sources. Here on the Code Module, we strive to have a neutral point of view, because it keeps our articles sounding professional and credible.
In other words, what we are aiming for is to have no opinions or bias in our articles whatsoever.

Why is a neutral point of view important?

There are several reasons why we must maintain a neutral point of view.

  • To keep our wikia looking professional.
No one's going to take this place seriously if we have a whole bunch of articles stating people's opinions on what was supposed to be the topic of the article.
  • Not everyone shares the same opinion.
Everyone's opinion differs. That's what makes us individuals. However, remaining neutral will prevent edit wars. For example, you might think that Numbuh 362 and Numbuh 1 had mutual crushes on each other, but the next person might think that Numbuh 1 had feelings for his ex-girlfriend toward the end of the series.
  • To limit it to just the facts.
Sometimes, an opinion becomes so popular that the line between fact and fiction gets a bit blurry, and people start to fight about it. Having sources on your information is important for this reason. A good example of this kind of situation would be the speculation on what the names of the members of Sector Z are.

How can I tell if I'm not being neutral?

Several phrases are common starters to opinions. These phrases include, but may not be limited to:

  • I think...
  • I believe...
  • I hate...
  • I like...
  • etc.

You should only be putting proven facts in the article. Facts come from the creator of the show, cast and crew of the show, the show itself, its comics, or any other official merchandise. Please give a source if you are posting something from a member of the cast and crew, or Mr. Warburton himself.

What if I don't edit with a neutral point of view?

If you feel the need to edit and include your opinion in the articles, the edit you have made will most likely be reversed. Several of these kinds of edits is equivalent to vandalism, which is grounds for a ban. If you are unsure about a statement or would like help, ask one of the other editors, or fairly.

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