KND Global Command

All KND Operatives get their mission objectives usually from people like Numbuh 65.3. However before the orders even goes to operatives like 65.3, the KND Global Command are the ones who issue and permit these orders before it is executed. It is revealed by Maurice in Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E. that all TND Agents also report to the Global Command.

Items that seem to be under the care of the Global Command are the Kids Next Door Code Module and the Super Incredibly Big Computermabob. The Global Command is the highest-ranking authority in the Kids Next Door hierarchy, except for the Galactic Kids Next Door, to which no one, except Sector V and Chad have the knowledge of.


The Global Command is probably made up of:

  1. The Supreme Leader of the KND (Numbuh 362)
  2. Global Tactical Officer (Numbuh 86)
  3. Numbuh 60
  4. Numbuh 65.3
  5. High Ranking Officers of the KND (Mainly Numbuhs 362, 86, 60, 65.3 and probably Numbuh Infinity)

Former Global Command Members:

  1. Numbuh 100
  2. Numbuh 274
  3. Father (Operation: I.T.)
  4. Numbuh 0 (Possibly)
  5. Mandy (The Grim Adventures of the KND)
  6. Other Former Decommissioned Supreme Leaders, Global Tactical Officers and High-Rank Officers

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