Kenny and the Chimp title card

Kenny and the Chimp was an unproduced animated series planned by Tom Warburton in the early 2000s. Its pilot was released in 2002, but the series was not picked up, although Warburton eventually made the animated Codename: Kids Next Door TV series for Cartoon Network


This series was about an unlucky boy named Kenny who was always accompanied by an unintelligent chimpanzee named Chimpy, who would regularly create trouble for him in the various situations they experienced.


The episode "Diseasy Does It" was the only episode produced. Its alternative title was "Chimp -N- Pox". There was also another episode called "Got Your Nose", and it was about to also be produced, but never released presumably after Cartoon Network didn't pick up the show.

Connection to Codename: Kids Next Door

Among the planned recurring characters for Kenny and the Chimp, there was a group of rebellious children calling themselves "The Kids Next Door" who were supposed to frequently cause trouble for Kenny. According

Kids Next Door Original Description

to Warburton, they were called "The Kids Next Door" because they were supposed to live next door to Kenny.[1]

These characters would eventually evolve into the members of Sector V and become the protagonists of Codename: Kids Next Door. Professor XXXL, who was featured in "Diseasy Does It", became a regular villain on Kids Next Door as well since the episode Operation: A.R.C.T.I.C.. Kenny and Chimpy also made a brief cameo in the pilot episode of Codename: KND, "No P in the Ool".


Kenny and the Chimp title card - panoramic
The title sequence for Kenny and the Chimp.

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"Diseasy Does It" is available on iTunes along with "No P in the Ool" and "Operation: C.A.K.E.D."


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