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Kindergartners are savage young children who love making art, sometimes even wearing it, and always wear fingerpaint on their faces. They resemble Native Americans and only appeared in "Operation: M.E.S.S.A.G.E."

They went after Numbuh 2 and old Rickety, his horse, because past 4th graders (specifically, the Six-Gum Gang) stole their milk money. They played Duck Duck Goose to cut the ropes tied to a chair that he was sitting on until Numbuh 2 said he would help them.


  • While the following grades of Gallagher use a traditional American electoral system, the Kindergarteners base their customs off of Native American society. The Kindergarteners are therefore run by a Chief rather than a president.
  • They are very similar to Kindergarteners from Disney's Recess.

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