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King Two-Tons-of-Candy is a monster that Henrietta Von Marzipan transforms into when she put the candy jewel in the pharaoh's headdress and wears it in Operation: J.E.W.E.L.S..


Heinrich opens up the sarcophagus, revealing a lot of candy and a pharaoh's headpiece, which has an indentation where the blurpleberry jewel fits. He puts on the headpiece, but before he can put the jewel into the indentation on the headpiece, Numbuh 5 shows up and warns him that he should have finished reading the inscription: "From the forehead, ye shall control the sarcophagus. But share not and only taste asparagus." Again, Heinrich dismisses her warnings and says that she just wants to take the candy just like what happened in Guatemala. Numbuh 5 protests that that wasn't what happened, but Heinrich just ignores her and puts the jewel into the headpiece. Then all of the candy in the sarcophagus comes out and engulfs Heinrich (he's controlling it), turning him into King Two-Tons-of-Candy. He cackles wickedly and taunts that he controls the candy and neither Numbuh 5 nor anyone else can have any. Heinrich then eats one of the candies, but spits it out, because it tastes like asparagus.

He then starts accusing Numbuh 5 of sabotaging the candy and proceeds to attack her. She retreats up the stairs, only to find the door locked, trapping her in with Heinrich, who is about to finish her off, but first asks if there's any last words. She says to give her back the candy. She then takes out a licorice rope and wraps it around one of the columns of the room and swings around on it, landing on Heinrich's head and removing the blurpleberry jewel from the headpiece's indentation, turning Heinrich back to normal. As she leaves the pyramid, Numbuh 5 repeats her adage that she says earlier in the episode: "A great candy taken in greed always turns sour."


  • He is a parody of King Tutankahmen and Spectral Empress Iliess/Hexuba from Seijuu Sentai Gingaman/Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
  • The King Two-Tons-of-Candy is more bigger than Numbuh 5.