King of Spinachia
King of Spinachia
Occupation Ruler of La Spinachia
Voice Jim Cummings
Homebase La Spinachia
Cameos N/A

The King of Spinachia is the ruler of the fictional land of "La Spinachia" who appeared in Operation: S.P.I.N.A.C.H.. The king sent Amerigo Vespinachio and the "Spinach Inquisition" to spread spinach throughout the world and force everyone to eat it. It is later revealed that the king actually hates spinach, and is just making everyone else eat it so he doesn't have to. After the King and his minions are defeated, he signs the treaty forbidding them to endorse spinach at Gallagher Elementary and they go to Canada to continue their crusade. Interestingly, "Spinachia" is also the name of the fictional town where Popeye the Sailor lives. The king was voiced by Jim Cummings.

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