Licorice is a song performed in Operation: L.I.C.O.R.I.C.E..


Stickybeard: Ohhhhhhhhhh, once there was a pirate by the name of Black John
who'd do anything for candy, even steal it from his mom.
Well, he sailed the suburbs blue just to fill his candy quota,
'til he stumbled on an island off the coast of North Dakota.

Pirates: And there he found
Licorice, licorice, sweet, juicy and red.
It grew like bamboo, to the heavens it spread.
Licorice, licorice, as red as my beard,
there were acres for all takers or so it appeared.

Stickybeard: But old Black John wanted it all to himself,
so he cut the stalks down and sailed off with his wealth.
But his greed had a cost for him and all his crew.
Some very bad things were to happen, who knew?

Pirates: And that's when the
Licorice, licorice turned rancid and black.
Was dead, no, not red and tasted like *Hack, hack, hack*
Licorice, licorice, there's more yet to tell.
Their bones, how they groaned, turned to licorice as well!

Stickybeard: Cursed to be skeletons alive only at night!
For by day, they collapse at the sun's early light.
But at dusk, they arise, just barely alive
'til one day they heard of a way to survive!
Madame Zin: Go back to the island and plant there the seed!
Let moonlight upon it, with soda then feed!

Pirates: And then we'll grow
Licorice! Licorice! Sweet, juicy and red!
The curse will reverse from your bones, it will shed.
Licorice! Licorice! No longer so black!
One seed's all you need to grow it all back!

Stickybeard: Soooooo they sailed for the island with the seed that night.
But, alas, stopped short when came morning's first light.
It was the very same day that we came along,
just my cabin boy and me, where we didn't belong.
We climbed up the steps and walked 'round all the stumps
and found there Black John and his skeleton clumps.
Then Heinrich did something that shattered the calm:
he snatched 'way the seed from John's bony ol' palm.
Now, the sun, it went down and John sprung back to life,
and grabbed for the seed with great anger and strife!
But somehow, we escaped and sailed off in the night,
not knowing that John followed and yelled out in spite:

Pirates: Licorice! Licorice! I'll find you, my friend!
My crew shall pursue, on that, you can depend!

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