Jelly's Candy Store
Jelly's Candy Store
Location Type Store
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Appearances Operation: T.E.E.T.H.

Jelly's Candy Store is run by Mr. Jelly a.k.a Knightbrace. Knightbrace was defeated by Dr. Teef who gave him taffy, Dr. Teef's lazy brother was said to be running the candy store while Knightbrace was serving his time in jail.

Jelly's Candy Store made its first and only appearance in Operation: T.E.E.T.H., with Numbuh 3 first being seen walking home from it with a lollipop and a bag full of candy for her friends in Sector V. However, night came and she was ambushed by someone and her teeth was sparkly clean. Her friends were horrified when once she return to Sector V Treehouse with her new clean teeth, and went back to the candy store to get her teeth back to normal.

Despite it was midnight, Mr. Jelly allowed the kids to come in and take as much candy as they want. However, when Numbuh 2 asked him if he had any taffy, Mr. Jelly acted strangely and shooed the kids off, giving them a bag of candy to go.

They followed into Dr. Teef's office and once Knightbrace was trapped there, they unmasked him to find out that he was actually Mr. Jelly. As Dr. Teef came in from the noise of their battle, they both explained how Mr. Jelly wanted to become a dentist, but was kicked out of school because he wanted to put braces on babies. Afterward, Mr. Jelly was left to run his family's candy store, watching kid after kid devouring candy as they messed up their teeth, forcing him to adapt the name "Knightbrace' in order to attack children at night and clean their teeth. Once Mr. Jelly was defeated, Dr. Teef's brother was left with the candy store to run.

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