Numbuh $1.50 an Hour
Numbuh $1.50 an Hour 

Real Name




Voice Actor

Rob Paulsen 





Cameo Appearances


Numbuh $1.50 an Hour, or Numbuh $1.50ah for short, is a fifth-grade KND operative and lawyer who appeared in Operation: E.L.E.C.T.I.O.N.S. where he defends Nigel Uno in Student Court. As his codename implies, he works for $1.50 an hour on court cases and Sector V used Numbuh 4's allowance to pay him. He usually speaks slower than other characters, presumably to be able to collect money for more hours - when he first appeared before the Delightful Judge to appeal to his client, he was wearing round glasses and purposely removed them when he began to speak.

When he loses the case, a fight breaks out between the kids in the classroom, and Numbuh 4 attacks Numbuh $1.50 an Hour to get his money back. He is noteably doing a "facepalm" action when one other fifth grader walks right into a joke, and then dodges an attacking kid when the fight ensues.

He was later seen imprisoned in Permanent Detention, watching Numbuh 1's daring escape. Then he was not mentioned again.

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