"You thought I was dating Nigel Uno? Puh-lease!"
--Numbuh 10

Numbuh 10
Numbuh 10 

Real Name



Voice Actor

Tara Strong 




Leader and Anchorwoman of Sector L

Numbuh 10 is the cousin of Numbuh 1, as her father is his mother's long-lost brother. She is the leader of Sector L and is a news anchorwoman for the KND Nightly News. She's widely considered the prettiest female operative for the KND.

She first appeared in Operation: C.O.U.C.H., and it's implied that Numbuh 2 might have a crush on her. She befriends Lizzie in Operation: H.O.L.I.D.A.Y., talking about a number of embarrassing facts about Numbuh 1, much to his chagrin. She is also seen in the audience in Operation: I.T..


She usually wears a green shirt, white skirt, and white shoes. When on vacation, she wears a red top, a blue sarong, white pearl earrings, and white flip flops with red straps. She has emerald green eyes and orange hair, usually tied in a ponytail. On the right side of her face, she has a beauty mark.

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