Numbuh 11-Teen
Numbuh 11-Teen 

Real Name



Sector Ph.D 

Voice Actor

Tara Strong 





Cameo Appearances


Numbuh 11-Teen was a member of Sector P.h.d. who appeared in Operation: B.R.I.D.G.E.. She was sent into Le Sissie to study among "The Poorly Dressed" and rescued Numbuh 5 after she had been captured by them. She said that they had become wild and unruly for a while now.

When Numbuh 5 told them they had to leave the store or be trapped in it forever, Numbuh 11-Teen explained that there is a prophecy that the Poorly Dressed follow: good clothes come to those who wait. She is able to communicate with them in a language made up of various sounds and gestures. However, the Poorly Dressed do speak - though a limited amount of - English. They were rescued by the rest of Sector V and the Squid Squad right before the bridge which led to the store was blown up. She has also worked with Sector L - it is unclear whether or not she is part of two Sectors or not really a part of either.


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