Numbuh 48 Flavors
Numbuh 48 Flavors 

Real Name




Voice Actor

Charlie Schlatter 


Possibly Imprisoned 


Moon Base Ice Cream Distributor 

Cameo Appearances


Numbuh 48 Flavors, or Numbuh 48f for short, appeared in Operation: T.R.E.A.T.Y. He is in charge of the KND's ice cream supply and is possibly involved with the KND Splinter Cell.

He yells at the members of Sector V when they offer to help unload his ice cream, obviously wanting to eat it. Later, he blown the KND Gihugeacarrier with Chocolate flavored ice cream, so no one would eat his ice cream anymore. He was eventually subdued by Sector V, and was presumably locked up in the Arctic Prison for his actions.


  • His suit is a parody of the one worn by Mr. Freeze in the Batman comics and television shows. 

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