Numbuh 5,000
Numbuh 5,000 

Real Name

Leopold Lincoln 


Voice Actor

Ogie Banks 




Future member of Sector V 

Cameo Appearances


Numbuh 5,000 is Numbuh 5's son in the alternative future created by Chester's Happy Headband. Numbuh 5,000 trusted Numbuh 1 more than anyone else of the future Sector V, and assists him. Numbuh 5,000 was only seen in Operation: W.H.I.T.E.H.O.U.S.E..


In Operation W.H.I.T.E.H.O.U.S.E, Numbuh 1 was an adult and was trying to get back home. He went into the KND treehouse, hoping they could help him. However, they don't believe his story and Numbuh 2400 and Numbuh 4200 escort him to a place where he will be held captive. However, Numbuh 5,000, who believed Numbuh 1, attacked Numbuhs 2400 and 4200 and led Numbuh 1 to Numbuh 5, who is his mom. Numbuh 5 then gives Numbuh 1 advice but suddenly Vice President Hoagie arrives. Along with the rest of Sector V, who finally believe Numbuh 1, Numbuh 5,000 fights the adults, allowing Numbuh 1 to get away.


Much like his mom, Numbuh 5,000 wears a blue hat and is African-American. His hair, however, resembles Cree's (his aunt). He wears a red scarf around his neck, blue shorts, white sneakers, a black shirt and a black vest.


  • His voice is very much like Maurice's, of whom Numbuh Five may have had a crush on (Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E.).
  • He also bears a resemblance to Maurice, so it is highly possible that he might be Numbuh 5,000's father.
    • What proves this further more is the fact Numbuh 2 does not remember Numbuh 5 when she called him by his Numbuh.
  • However, his body type and facial features are similar to Henrietta Von Marzipan's while she was under the caramel curse. It is unknown if the events of Operation: C.A.R.A.M.E.L. happened in this universe, so it is possible that Henrietta is his other parent.
  • His body is the same body style as Numbuh 2's.
  • He appears to not like to rebel, but when he believes something, he may go against direct orders. This shows he may be the most rebellious of Numbuh 1,600 out of the entire group.
  • His bandanna is the same color as Numbuh Five's hat and his hat is similar to Numbuh Five, but only that it's blue like his mother's shirt.