Nutcracker is a member of Elfa Strike Squad. He is based off of Nightcrawler of Marvel Comics (just as the Elfa Strike Squad is a parody of the X-Men) and shares with him such characteristics. As a German accent and the ability to teleport short distances. He leaves behind a green smoke when he moves, much like Nightcrawler produces a mystical blue smoke when he moves.

Nutcracker has had a wooden head since birth, and because of this has a very powerful and painful bite that likely can crack. He addresses all females as "Fräulein".

He was seen in Operation: N.A.U.G.H.T.Y., biting Numbuh 2's head to get back the "reindeer" Numbuh 3 allegedly had wrapped up as a present of Numbuh 4. It was later revealed that Numbuh 3 was only concealing a reindeer themed rainbow monkey. The Nutcracker then wonders if Sector V didn't do it, then who had the reindeer, realizing that they were innocent, he and the squad had help Sector V clear their name.


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