"Operation: C.A.R.A.M.E.L."
Season 6, Episode 77
Mission: 135
Production Code: 612
Airdate: Nov 16, 2007
Writer(s): Alison Wilgus
Andy Rheingold
Mr. Warburton
Storyboards by: Jesse Schmal
Anthony Davis
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Candies Are Really Altering Many Extraordinary Lives


5 years ago, Heinrich Von Marzipan discovered a way to create ancient golden caramels and to do so was to use a magic ritual that can only happen on the fifth night of the fifth month of the fifth year that sacrifices the most valued quality of a human victim and once done, it turns their greatest quality into five pieces of delicious caramel sweets with the flavor depending on the unique quality of the victim.

Using his own quality he created the caramels, and Numbuh 5, knowing he couldn't control his greed, left him behind, and after Heinrich ate all his candy he assumed there was no way to restore his true self and blamed Abigail for it.

Five years later he tricks Abigail into a truce and uses the ritual to steal her quality before doing the same to a number of KND operatives including Sector V. Later he begins to taunt the now nerdy and pathetic Numbuh 5 and eats all her caramels except one. But before he eats her last one Numbuh 5 reveals that she had Heinrich's last caramel all these years and was waiting for him to learn how to share his candy, but in a blind fury he pushes her out of the way and takes his caramel and almost eats it. Abigail tells his that by sharing his candy with her, simply putting it back in her hand will break the curse and return him to normal. Heinrich tearfully demands to know why he should believe her, and she tells him that he is more important to her than candy. Breaking down, he gives Abby back her caramel thus ending the curse.

After finding out that sharing their caramels will break the curse, everyone is turned back to normal and Heinrich is revealed to actually be a beautiful young girl, Henrietta Von Marzipan. She used to be Abigail's best friend and former candy hunting partner. Henrietta decides to go to undo the wrongs she has done. As Henrietta and Abigail bid each other farewell, Sector V remains grossed out by the revelation, except Numbuh 4 who wants to know who the cute girl is. When Numbuh 1 explains, Numbuh 4 freaks out.



Operation: C.A.R.A.M.E.L./Transcript


  • Cowardly Numbuh 4's hoodie constantly changed from pink to orange.
  • Operation: J.E.W.E.L.S. explains that what happened in Guatemala was that Heinrich blamed Numbuh 5 for being caught with a bag of sacred caramels and getting grounded for a month, but here, it says that he blames her for being cursed by the caramel ritual.


  • Numbuh 4's shoes are revealed to be guns.
  • The following personalities that have been stolen reducing the operatives into:
    • Numbuh 1 - leadership and decisiveness = indecisive dork
    • Numbuh 2 without his intelligence turns him into an overgrown, drooling, brainless Neanderthal.
    • Numbuh 3 becomes an indifferent Goth girl without her sweetness, bubbly personality, and air headedness.
    • Numbuh 4 turns into a sniveling coward without his courage.
    • Numbuh 5 becomes a nerd with glasses and braces and buckteeth when her coolness was taken away.


  • Numbuh 1: Did you send words to the other treehouses?
  • Numbuh 4: Yeah, share your cruddy candy will turn back to normal.
  • Numbuh 2: Hey, Numbuh 5, Who's your friend?, Oh, What a fox?
  • Numbuh 5: This is Henrietta Von Marzipan, She's an old friend of mine.
  • Henrietta Von Marzipan: Who must now go to help undo ze wrongs I haff done, Zanks for not given up on me, Abigail. Until ve meet again, Auf Wiedersehen!
  • Numbuh 5: Be good, Heiny!