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Operation: F.A.S.T.-F.O.O.D.

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"Operation: F.A.S.T.-F.O.O.D."
Season 2, Episode 17
Mission: 034
Production Code: 204
Airdate: October 24, 2003
Writer(s): Mo Willems
Tom Warburton
Storyboards by: Guy Moore
Quack Leard
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Find Another Stupid Task For Our Oblivious Dodo


Summary: It is Kuki's (Numbuh 3's) 10th birthday, and as Kids Next Door tradition, her birthday wish is granted by her fellow operatives. Her wish this year is to direct a mission. Hoagie and Wallabee are shocked at this, thinking she'd want flowers or a unicorn or something similar to her tastes. Wallabee then keeps insulting Kuki that she cannot actually lead a mission on her own, which makes Nigel, who sympathizes with Kuki, gives her a dangerous mission. The operatives arm themselves and invade a fastfood joint. Kuki goes in to complete the mission while the others remain behind. While Kuki is inside, the other operatives praise Nigel for tricking Kuki into believing that she is completing a "dangerous mission": to order a kids meal from the newest fast food restaurant, Burger Frenzy. When she enters and orders the meal, she discovers Chester is running the business.

He then proceeds to turn her into a burger by topping her with ketchup, mustard, lettuce, pickles, and tomato, and stuffing her in an over sized fast food hamburger container.

At the drive through window, there is a family of great white sharks in a regular car (this car is full of water so they can breathe), who are ordering a kids meal for their son, who also happens to be celebrating his birthday - his wish was to get a kids meal from this exact restaurant (much to his father's anger of having to go up on land). Chester gives them the box (the one he trapped Kuki in) and the father sharks gives Chester some gold coins, and they drive off.

At this point, the rest of Sector V are getting restless, and can't believe that Kuki couldn't even get a simple burger (to which they speculate that there "must be a long line"). While sitting outside the restaurant, Numbuh 1 examines the sign in front, which reads: Try Our New Kids Meal! Kids Meal Contains 1 Drink, 1 Toy, and 1 Kid On A Bun. At this time, Wallabee points out the car full of sharks, and the team realizes that 'kid on a bun' meant a literal kid, that kid being Kuki. The shark family of a mother, father, and an impatient son buy the burger by drive-thru and are constantly arguing with each other the entire episode. They race to stop the speeding car, which is heading back to the ocean, which shows a parody of the film Jaws.

Within the car, the kid shark is arguing with his father, saying he wants to eat his birthday meal right there in the car instead of waiting to get home; this angers the father shark, and the fish repeatedly yells at him, angering the mother shark, to which she says many times, "Don't you yell at my baby!". Right before turning to get onto the dock, the father gives in and tells the kid shark he can eat his meal if he stops whining, the kid shark opens the burger box and licks his lips before he eats his special birthday burger.

Meanwhile, Sector V shoot a hook at the car, which eventually detaches, and costs them time in reloading it. They take aim and shoot one last time as the car heads up a dock, and miss by only a few inches. The car splashes into the water, and the burger box resurfaces and opens to reveal a huge bite mark and ketchup stains, but no Kuki.

Back at the restaurant, Chester is planning to himself on how he'll round up all the kids in the neighborhood and feed them to hungry shark families, and make a fortune. In the background, we see Kuki covered in ketchup and mustard dangling from the piping in the ceiling, meaning she escaped before the sharks got their order. When he realizes she's still alive, he worries not that she'll be a threat, but that the shark family will want their money back. She attacks him and they have a battle, with him ending up on a bun as she did.

Kuki walks outside to find her teammates with a makeshift battering ram, attempting to break into the restaurant and a furious Wallabee holding a "hugemungus" axe, They realize she's alive and all crowd around her, to which she says that it was "the super funnest birthday mission ever!", and they leave.

Back inside, Chester is still in the box when he hears car horns, and the next scene shows many cars full of sharks circling the restaurant probably wanting a burger.


  • The restaurant is called Burger Frenzy, similar to feeding frenzy (when multiple sharks all eat at once).
  • When the KND first latch onto the sharks mini-van the father shark-calls the child-shark "Bruce", this is probably a reference to Steven Spielberg's movie Jaws in which the mechanical shark they used was also called by that name.
  • This is probably the first episode where Sector V shows true brutal violence, as Wallabee was carrying an axe, Hoagie wielding a baseball bat and Nigie and Abigail were running with a battering ram for revenge when they thought Kuki had been eaten.
  • When Sector V arrived at the restaurant the sign said one kid on a bun.
  • When the sharks were driving away the father shark made a reference to the fact that shark's have to keep moving in order to survive when he saw a red light.
  • When Wallabee was on top of the grappling hook helping Abigail, the sign behind Abigail has a backwards D and a D turned in the right direction instead of KND on it, after that it says KND.
  • This is another episode were there are animals as villains.
  • This is arguably the darkest plot a KND villain has ever made.


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