"Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E."
Season 4, Episode 50
Mission: 090
Production Code: 411
Airdate: Jul 08, 2005
Writer(s): Mo Willems
Tom Warburton
Gideon Kendall
Robert Kopecky
Storyboards by: Maurice Fontenot
Guy Moore
Bob Suarez
Jesse Schmal
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Mature Agent Undergoes Reprogramming Into Childhood's Enemy


The episode starts when a group of Teens break in to ten year old Numbuh 9's bedroom. Thinking that he is asleep, they try to fire their 'Pox Gun' at him. Suddenly, Numbuh 9 leaps up and yells for the rest of his team, the old Sector V, and they bravely fight off the Teens. After the teens fly away, Numbuh 11 gives Numbuh 5 her hat.

Unfortunately, during the battle, the teenagers poxed Numbuhs 8A and 8B. Numbuh 11 decides to take implications of the failed mission, but Numbuh 9, or Maurice, counters that the mission was his idea and makes a vow that he "will never rest until he discovers the source of the teens pox, and totally, utterly, completely, destroys it!"

Three years later at his decommissioning, Maurice (upset that he wasn't able to keep his promise) and the current Sector V are talking about how he discovered that the teens got the chicken pox from an unmarked island. Numbuh 86 appears and says it is time to blow out his candles. Maurice gives his heartfelt parting words before doing so. He is then decommissioned in front of the rest of the Kids Next Door (even Numbuh 4 cried inconsolably). This is a very sad moment for everyone.

Either the same day or the day after, Numbuh 5 is asked what she wants for her birthday by Numbuh 3. She loses it and shouts at Numbuh 3. Realizing her mistake, Numbuh 5 apologizes, explaining that she doesn't want a birthday because no matter how hard they work, they will eventually become teens. She even points out how unfair that an excellent operative like Maurice was decommissioned. Numbuh 1 then suggests that they monitor him and make sure that he doesn't join the enemy. It is revealed by Numbuh 2 at this point that when a KND operative is decommissioned, active KND operatives are forbidden to interfere with said operative's life from that point on, and let them live normal lives as teenagers. Regardless, they still plan to watch out for him.

Sector V spies on Maurice only to be found by Cree and the other Teen Ninjas. Numbuh 5 sarcastically asks the teens "You wanna do some street-fighting?", to which Numbuh 2 adds "Then trying fighting the street!" with the U.N.D.E.R.P.O.U.N.D.. With Numbuhs 1, 2, 3 and 4 holding off the Teen Ninjas, Numbuh 5 chases after the Flying Van only to be poxed by Cree's Chicken Pox Bazooka and falls into defeat. A few weeks later, Numbuh 5 goes out on her own to find Cree. She destroyed an entire teen naval convoy including the flagship with M.A.R.B.L.E.s before getting one of them to divulge the location of Chickenpox Island. When she is there, she makes two terrible discoveries; Maurice has joined Cree's side and is now evil and the Teens have developed a Chicken Pox Cannon, capable of infecting every single kid at a 'fairground' with the disease, thereby leaving teens three whole weeks to themselves. Numbuh 5 then surrenders, accepting that she'll be a teen soon enough. Cree is so touched that she hugs her sister. Suddenly, every chicken coop on the island blows up. Cree immediately thinks that Numbuh 5 betrayed her but Maurice shouted, "Look out! The Kids Next Door are here!" a M.A.R.B.L.E. then hits her, knocking her into the flock of chicken, before being sucked into the cannon. It is revealed that Maurice was the one who throws a M.A.R.B.L.E. and tells Numbuh 5 to never give up.

Without anyone besides Numbuh 5 realizing, Maurice changes the course of the cannon and aims it at the pep rally at Cree's high school. He then reveals that some special agents, like him, who are completely loyal to the Kids Next Door are allowed to remain operatives, but must pretend to join the Teens and spy on them from the inside instead. However, he tells her that she can't tell anyone, even if they are in her sector. He advises that if she plays her cards right, she may be asked to join them. Numbuh 5 then leaves as Maurice destroys the cannon. Just then, Sector V arrives to rescue her, having received her "distress call" (which had been sent by Maurice). As they depart an exploding Chicken pox Island, Numbuh 3 berates Numbuh 5 (who is in tears) for running around with the chicken pox.

The final scene is at the Lincoln's house, where Maurice comes to see how they are doing (they are both sick because Numbuh 5 was poxed by Cree, as with Cree was by the cannon). Cree whispers to him that she has a plan to get back at KND. He listens and winks at Numbuh 5. She winks back.

During the credits, as Numbuh 5 walks down a street filled with adult villains seniors and teens, but one winks back at her, confirming that she is a teen operative.


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  • This episode was inspired from when series writer Mo Willems was leaving the series after the fourth season, so he and creator Tom Warburton created the idea of an operative so impressive that everyone missed him when he was decommissioned. The character Maurice was named after him.
  • The Teens Next Door Organization is revealed.
  • In the end credits, Numbuh 5 passes by two kinds of people. The first kind are supposedly those who had been decommissioned at 13, as they are depicted with frowns, with pale complexions and clothing. When Numbuh 5 encounters a group of teens, one of the teens is assumed to be an undercover agent because of her more intensified complexion and clothing, along with a smile and a wink she gives Numbuh 5. After Numbuh 5 returns the smile, she passes by two smiling adults with lively intensified complexions and clothing, the second kind.
  • Maurice is the only character that Numbuh 86 was reluctant to decommission.
  • Chad is canonically older than Maurice; however, the flashback in this episode and the flashbacks from other episodes with Chad are actually paradoxical. In this episode's flashback, he looks younger, but in the other flashbacks, which might be previous before this episode's, he looks older.
  • There is a rumor that Numbuh 100 and The Steve shown in Operation: T.R.E.A.T.Y. are the same person. Both have the same colored outfits (red shirts brown pants), same hair, same leadership position in the KND and TND, and the age timeline fits.
  • This episode is the first use of the phrase "Kids Next Door Rules". The fact that Maurice is the first to introduce the phrase and then the Kids Next Door use it after his decommissioning shows how beloved he was to the entire organization.