"Operation: M.O.V.I.E."
Season 2, Episode 17
Mission: 033
Production Code: 204
Airdate: October 24, 2003
Writer(s): Mo Willems
Tom Warburton
Storyboards by: Maurice Fontenot
Bob Suarez
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Meeting Of Villains Isn't Entertaining


Summary: All the kids are watching a Rainbow Monkey movie in a cinema and were all enjoying it, all except Wallabee, who is sick of Rainbow Monkey movies, so he tries to enter a movie named "Violence: The Movie" but got thrown off back to Rainbow Monkeys because the movie that Wallabee wanted to see is rated R, meaning it's for adults only. Once inside, he finds out that the adult movies are really secret meetings to plan the destruction of the Kids Next Door. Toiletnator befriends him and even suggests, for once, a good idea to Mr. Boss, the host. Wallabee asks if he can go to the bathroom, and Mr. Boss tells him that adults don't need to ask permission. Soon, Wallabee is exposed as a kid and attempts to escape.

Big Brother captures him in his hand, but then Wallabee, while being fed chocolate balls to be taunted, they will be the last candy he will ever eat, and he spits them into Big Brother's face, before jumping into the window that has the movie projector. Toiletnator comes out to the projector room and traps Wallabee in toilet paper, angry at the fact that Wallabee ruined his chance of being treated kindly by Mr. Boss and be considered a great villain. Wallabee distracts him by saying that he should be in the movies. Toiletnator starts talking about how great he thinks he will be in the movies, which is when Wallabee gets the chance to trap his toilet paper rolls attached to his arms, rolling into the movie projector. Toiletnator then is thrown out the projector window and Wallabee is back with the rest of Sector V at the end. The episode ends as Kuki describes the Rainbow Monkey movie.


Operation: M.O.V.I.E./Transcript


  • Despite previous emphasis and character development in prior episodes, this is actually Numbuh 4's first character episode, making him the third member of Sector V to get one.
  • This episode is when Toiletnator first sees Numbuh 4 as his archrival, since he humiliated Toiletnator in front of the rest of the villains.
  • Nigel, Hoagie and Abigail also seemed to have been enjoying the Rainbow Monkey movie, showing that they may have an interest in Rainbow Monkeys, although not as much as Kuki. They were also shown being happy and moving their heads to the music of the movie along with Kuki and the rest of the moviegoers (Wallabee excluded).
  • Toiletnator's disguise makes him look like Albert Einstein.
  • One of the kids seeing the Rainbow Monkeys movies resembles Dee-Dee from Dexter's Laboratory.
  • This is the first appearance of the Admiral costume.


  • There is actually a misconception: the rating R (Restricted) is actually for 17 and above, and anyone under 17 can watch under the company of an adult. Thus, the movie is actually for late teenagers and above.
  • Despite the fact that the movie was for adults only, Big Brother is in the theater.
  • When Count Spankulot stood up and called Wallabee stupid, another one of him seemed to be already sitting in the audience.

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