"Operation: T.A.P.I.O.C.A."
Season 2, Episode 16
Mission: 032
Production Code: 203
Airdate: October 17, 2003
Writer(s): Mo Willems
Mr. Warburton
Storyboards by: Matt Peters
Abigail Nesbitt
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Previous Mission
"Operation: S.U.P.P.O.R.T."
Next Mission
"Operation: M.O.V.I.E."

Teens And Pudding Inconvenience Our Childish Agents


Summary: After a dispute with a group of teenagers, a truck full of tapioca pudding is fired into the treehouse. The teenagers want their tapioca back, the reason might be too old to tell.


Operation: T.A.P.I.O.C.A./Transcript


  • This is the first episode to feature Numbuh 2's grandmother, as well as the first of two to feature the Senior Citizen Squad.
  • When the Senior Citizen Squad's items turn into a robot, it references a number of Mech-type shows and anime, including Voltron and Power Rangers.


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