"Operation: U.N.C.O.O.L."
Season 3, Episode 37
Mission: 070
Production Code: 311
Airdate: October 29, 2004
Writer(s): Mr. Warburton
Mo Willems
Storyboards by: Matt Peters
Abigail Nesbitt
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Undead's Nocturnal Craving Overtakes Operative's Love


Summary: Sector X is attacked by Nerd Zombies and Numbuh 2 goes nuts trying to save Numbuh 78. Does he want the Sector Leader or the Yipper Card?


Operation: U.N.C.O.O.L./Transcript


  • Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory is seen as a balloon from a parade (such as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) in this episode.
  • Before Numbuh 78 is taken away by the Nerd Zombies, she says to Numbuh's 42 and 34, "Run, you fools!", which is the same quote Gandalf said in The Lord of The Rings.
  • The idea of "Zombie Nerds" might be a reference to the third book of the Captain Underpants series.
  • This episode is a parody of both the Resident Evil and House Of The Dead franchises, with the Nerd Zombies playing the role of antagonists.
  • Numbuh 2 shooting a hole in the floor to escape may possibly be a reference to the film Underworld.
  • The TV show that the nerds enjoy watching, Doctor Timespace and the Continuum, is a parody of the British science fiction show Doctor Who.
  • This episode appeared in Cartoon Network's online game, "Operation: B.E.S.T.".
  • Numbuh 4 makes a slight nod to the movie “They Live” while fighting nerds, similar to Roddy Piper’s famous line.
    • Numbuh 4: “I came here to kick nerd butt and eat chewy pellets. And guess who just ran out of chewy pellets?”
  • The nerds also say Stan Lee catchphrase, "Excelsior!".
  • This episode shows that nerds transform into zombies when something is stolen from them. The end of the episode shows that the same thing can turn another unseen group into werewolves.


  • At the end of the episode, where the nerds forcing Sector V to watch Dr. Timespace, Numbuh 3 is seen without her nurse apron and is also seen without her full shirt collar.