Operation Trick or Treat

Operation Trick Or Treat
is a game on the Cartoon Network website about the Kids Next Door. It is the eleventh on the games section.


Basically, the game was made as a Halloween special to encourage kids to collect money for UNICEF. The goal is to get all candies and money and, if possible, the bonus coin. You change costumes and KND can give you money. Be sure to watch your surroundings. Costumes are varied, and have different uses.


Push space bar to use effects and the arrows keys to move. Use costumes to access hidden treasures. To advance to the next level, collect all the coins. Collecting candy gives bonus points and finding the super coin adds 500 points to your score.


Skeleton: Use keys to open locked doors.

Vampire: Turn into a bat and fly over small trees and bushes.

Witch: Launch a powerful curse on ghosts and turn them into frogs.

Frankenstein: Superforce, break rocks and trash cans that block the route.

Water Monster: Swim on impassable waters.


All levels are separate into 5 neighborhoods, 4 levels by neighborhood. So, in total, there are 20 levels of puzzles.

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