Prison Transport Delta
Category KND Prisoner Transport
Appearances Operation: F.U.G.I.T.I.V.E.

Prison Transport Delta was a prison transport piloted by Numbuh 59 and Numbuh 58. It was destroyed by Numbuh 206 he was being transported to Kids Next Door Moonbase for decommissioning, but he hacked the wires and the transport crash landed back on Earth. The transport was probably replaced or rebuilt after the incident.



The transport was mostly made of wood. There were at least ten large bins on the sides of the ship that were used as rockets. The ship itself was shaped like a triangle.


The cockpit was at the top of the ship, with two pilot seats. There was also a TV screen which was used to contact sectors and other locations. A hallway with a ladder on the side led down to the prison hold, where Numbuh 206 broke the walls and ripped out the wires, causing one side of the ship to explode and crash on the planet.

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