Rainbow Monkey Rundown is a game from Cartoon Network on their website. This Game is based on the Codename: Kids Next Door Episode Operation: K.A.S.T.L.E.
Rainbow Monkey Rundown

Rainbow Monkey Rundown Title Screen


You have to save Numbuh 3 from King Sandy and his Knights. To save Numbuh 3, you have to use Yo-Yos to Knock out King Sandy's Knights.


Move the mouse to control your boat. Click the Right mouse to hit enemies to hit enemies with your yo-yo.

Bonus Items

You pick up these bonus items by picking up a certain color Rainbow Monkey

Bonus Energy: Increases your Energy. Get Yellow Rainbow Monkey to Get Bonus Energy.

Jumbo Yo-Yo: Takes Out Enemy in one shot. Collect the Red Rainbow Monkey to get Jumbo Yo-Yo.

Exploding Yo-Yo: Explodes a Enemy on contact. To Get Exploding Yo-Yo you have to celloct the Green Rainbow Monkey.


In Level 5 of Rainbow Monkey Rundown you get a boss of King Sandy on the top of the game it will show King Sandy's Life Bar. King Sandy Will try to attack you with his Cannon Balls But His Knight's Will attack you also. Once you beat King Sandy it will show you a title screen Saying 'You Win!' with your Score.