The Robo-Crabs are the DCFDTL's mechanical crustaceans that are programmed to use their claws to tear off the pants of whoever their target it, primarily Numbuh 1. They then use cameras built into their tails in order to capture photographs of what was once concealed beneath the shorts. They were used in Operation: B.U.T.T. in order to tear off Numbuh 1's swimming trunks and capture pictures of his enormous butt.

The DCFDTL then used these pictures as blackmail in order to force Numbuh 1 into joining them. Numbuh 1 gets more than he bargained for when he discovers that "joining them" also meant joining them in their delightfulization, but the DCFDTL then dispatch large hordes of Robo-Crabs to rip Numbuh 1's shorts off and capture more pictures of his colossal butt.

Upon ripping off his shorts the second time, the DCFDTL are excited to learn that he happens to wear Rainbow Monkey underwear, and decide that this is perhaps an even more humiliating revelation than the gigantic butt. The Robo-Crabs are about to capture pictures until the rest of Sector V appears and tears off the DCFDTL's skirts, shorts, or pants.

It is revealed that the DCFDTL may actually have big butts themselves, and this caused the Robo-Crabs to chase after them, snapping countless pictures as the DCFDTL fled the room, attempting to cover their rears with their hands as they ran.

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