Safety Bots
Safety Bots
Category Villain Technology
Appearances Operation: S.A.F.E.T.Y.

The Safety Bots were an idea implemented by Senator Safely to keep children from hurting themselves. They were so overprotective, however, that they prevented children from doing anything fun, since most great things in life involve a risk. With a visual programming reminiscent of scanners, they analyze each kid and provide 'harmless solutions' to create a safer environment. Most notable is shooting bubble-wrap at 2x4 weaponry held by kids or hosing a child who has been out in the sun with sunblock.

These bots soon start evolving with their analyzations, discovering that everything on Earth was susceptible of harming children, including adults, and changed their initial directive in order to send all children out into space to protect them from it.

The Kids Next Door eventually ended up defeating them in Operation: S.A.F.E.T.Y. by presenting a paradox to the Master Safety Bot (the Safety Bot that controls all the others) where they too were capable of harming children, causing them to short-circuit and explode in order to eradicate their danger to children.


  • Bubblewrap Cannon
  • Sunblock Hose
  • Safety Gear Cannon
  • Jet Boots


  • The appearance and battle style of the Safety Bots, together with their specific targeting of a minority group and eventual betrayal of their creators is strong evidence that the Safety Bots are a parody of the mutant hunting Sentinel robots of the X-Men comic books. Their leader, Master Safety Bot, is also most likely a parody of the head Sentinel Master Mold.
  • Few fans considered calling the Safety Bots "Safetinel".
    • Which is a combination of what they are and who they are base on.

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