Santa Claus
Santa Claus
Occupation Santa Claus
Voice Dee Bradley Baker
Cameos N/A

Santa Claus' only appearance was in Operation: N.A.U.G.H.T.Y.. He is the only who can stand the Reindeer System. Santa Claus seems to be one of the few good adults in the series. He gives presents to children all over the world. The Delightful Children From Down The Lane however, have never received any presents, and to their regard, tied him up. They tried to use the power of the Reindeer System, but were too weak and failed.

The show's portrayal of Santa is different than most versions. He's not as fat or jolly, and far more heroic. He also shows above-average strength, ripping off the door of the room where the Delightful Children were.

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