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Temporary Treehouse. Their actual treehouse was just a sapling.

The members of Sector A are Amish and don't believe in 2x4 technology, violence, or even real numbers. Not much happens to their sector. They live in the country and are the only sector that uses real names due to the earlier mentioned needlessness of "big city numbers". Their only operatives are Numbuh Jedediah, Numbuh Rebecca and Numbuh Ezekiel. In Operation: A.M.I.S.H., Numbuh 2 gets sent to stay with them, where he finds out that they don't have a grown tree house. When Numbuh 2 asks Numbuh Rebecca about why they don’t have a tree house, he learns that Sector A wanted to wait for the tree to grow on it's own because speeding up the process would be "lazy". Enraged over how shortsighted they are of how tree houses are made, he brings out a seed that instantly grows them a tree house.

When the Treehouse has fully grown, the "Splinter Cell" attack them. Numbuh 2 runs to get a weapon, but the Splinter Cell block the way. Then, Numbuh Jebediah throws a weapon over to Numbuh 2. He gets ready to fight against the Splinter Cell when he find out that they were really just nerds that wanted Numbuh 2 and Numbuh Rebecca to come with them and watch a "Doctor Time Space and the Continuums" marathon with them.



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