Sector E
Sector E
Location Type Treehouse
Location England
Used By Unknown
Appearances Operation: E.N.G.L.A.N.D.

Sector E is located in Numbuh 1's native home of England (E standing for England).

The operatives in Sector E pursued Numbuh 1 through England trying to get the Book of KND from him, but they lost track of him when he was "rescued" by The Rowdy Hooligans from Across the Square, Sector E's sometimes-enemies.

At the Great Library , Numbuh 122, who is Sector E's leader, revealed the purpose of the Book of KND to Nigel as well as revealing that the kids whom Nigel had been running from all this time were Sector E, and the kids who were "helping" him were actually Father's english-based team, the RHFATS (Rowdy Hooligans From Across The Square).

The Brit and his team were subsequently humiliated when it was revealed that the book they thought was the Book of KND is actually a Rainbow Monkeys book.




  • Like the Japanese Sector, its members remain unnamed, but one of the members is usually nicknamed "Scarf Girl" due to her scarves that she wields, like how Doctor Octopus (an enemy of Spider-Man's) wields his tentacles.
    • The scarf she wears are also be a reference to Doctor Who. The Fourth incarnation of the main character wore a long, colorful scarf like hers.
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