Numbuh 411 of Sector PR

Sector PR seems to be involved on the Moonbase and is in charge of public relations on the image of the KND. Numbuh 411 seems to be the head of this sector. 


  • Numbuh 411 (Possible Leader)
  • Debbie (Numbuh 411's assistant)
  • Three other unknown operatives.


Sector PR's only appearance is in Cartoon Network Action Pack Comic #28, when Numbuh 411 stops Numbuh 1 and 5 from launching a P.O.O.C.L.E.A.R. (a missle of dog poop) at incoming Octopaddler engineered by Mr. Boss and the other villains in Operation: I.M.P.R.O.V.E., citing that it would ruin KND's image if they do so. Apparently, she was sent by Numbuh 362 herself, although it seems that she sent Numbuh 411 just to get her out of Moonbase's way.


  • Incidentally, Numbuh 411 of Sector PR shares the same codename alongside an operative who is a hairstylist operative on Moonbase. Considering how teenage-looking Sector PR's Numbuh 411 seems to be, it could be speculated that this operative was decommissioned previously and therefore her codename would be vacant for the next operative.
    • This could more likely be a continuity error
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