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Sector R is a sector located in Russia. It was turned into a tapioca factory in Operation: Z.E.R.O. 


It is located inside the Moscow Kremlin, on top of the Grand Kremlin Palace. On the top there is an antenna, highly resembling the real-life Soviet Sputnik satellite and the rest of the treehouse seems to have been made out of numerous Soviet-era artifacts, including what looks like a nuclear reactor. It even has what appears to be part of Saint Basil's cathedral, to further complement its Russian appearance.

Real Life to Fiction plot holes

Although Kids Next Door is indeed a fictitious show that isn't based on reality (politics/media that is) or tries to be, here is a list of plot holes that would interfere with the Russian KND/Sector R if it was attempted to fit in the real world.

  • Considering it would be nearly impossible to set up a treehouse and a full-blown headquarters of the Kids Next Door straight in the Kremlin, it can be assumed whoever founded Sector R took over the government. Although it could be the Government didn't care and let them set it up (although unlikely considering the KND is an organization of rebellious children, but not that much considering how many non-villainous adults seen to be completely oblivious to KND operations and simply take it as pretending).
  • Assuming Sector R existed during times of Communist Oppression (i.e. Stalin) or Nazi Occupation (World War 2) it would make sense for the sector to consider that a form of Adult Tyranny. Theoretically, Sector R must have fought them at least once, or at least tried.


Kids Next Door Sectors
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