Shaunie Fulbright
Gender Male
Hair color Orange / Red
Eye color Black
Relationship Unknown
Family Fanny (sister), Paddy (brother), Mr. Boss (father), Unknown Mother
Friends 1, 83, and 84
Enemies DCFDTL's Ghost
Fear Unknown
Talent Unknown
Nicknames Shaunie
Voiced by Rob Paulsen

Shaun "Shaunie" Fulbright-Boss is the youngest brother of Numbuh 86 and Numbuh 85, and the youngest son of Mr. Boss.

He only appears in Operation: D.A.D.D.Y., where when Numbuhs 1, 83, and 84 attempt to save him from getting a haircut from his dad. At first he was reluctant to go, but when he saw the picture of Paddy's haircut he agreed to leave with them.

Paddy appears to like Yipper a lot, his room is full of Yipper toys.