Slam Witch is a song performed in Operation: F.O.O.D.F.I.T.E..


Food: Slam Witch... [x6]
Slam Witch! [x6]

GS: Slam Witch comes and children scream
Made of brains and sour cream.
If kids won't eat his moldy bread,
Then Slam Witch eats you kids instead!
Slam Witch comes and you'll all cry.
Swats F-16's from the sky
I'll make you crave his drippy spinach.
Fall and worship giant sandwich!

Food: Slam Witch! [x6]

GS: Schools of kids he has ate
And shall obliterate
The Kids Next Door and all their brothers
And all the misbehaving others
Who won't eat Gramma Stuffum's food
And now themselves are chomped and chewed.
But he who's made of skunks and dried veal
Comes to make you kids his next meal.

Jump inside his massive jaw
Amid the plaque and old coleslaw!
With this giant sandwich's pair of claws
On Kids Next Door, he chomps and gnaws!

Slam-slam Witch!

Rotten kids or giant hamsters
Slam Witch eats them all with muenster!
Miserable, verminous, despicable rat
Will now make Slam Witch nice and fat.
Slam Witch, charge!
Slam Witch, fight!
Slam Witch, eat!
Slam Witch--ooh!

How dare you refuse my tasty monster?
Slam Witch will destroy you, hamster!
Before you jump into his gizzard,
Have a taste of candied lizard!
Slam Witch comes and he must eat.
He's made of cheese and poppy seed.
And if you crave to be his dinner,
Fall and worship! Slam Witch winner!
Slam Witch? Why do you twitch?
My giant sandwich! Slam Witch!

KND: Joaquin!
GS: Slam Witch! Slam Witch!
KND: Joaquin!
GS: Slam Witch?
KND: Joaquin!!

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