The Spinach Inquisition Song is a song performed in Operation: S.P.I.N.A.C.H..


Spinach Monks: eat-us or else-us we-sing-us.

(song begins)

Spinach Monks: Try it, you'll like it,
that's what we have to say!
Taste it, you'll love it
there is no other way!!

The Spinach Inquisition!
It's here and it's a hoot!
The Spinach Inquisition!
Vespinachio: Some call it a leafy fruit!

Just taste it, you love it
Why go through all this woe?
A bit then? A smidgen?
You really can't say NOOOOOO!

Nigel: I've said no once, I've said no twice
You've chained me here and that's not nice!
I will not try it, not even a scrap
I will not eat it, it tastes like--

Spinach Monks: STOP! Why 'no'?
You little so-and-so
If you will not eat it
Then in the vat you go, OH!

Vespinachio: Will you try it?
Wally: No, no, no!
Vespinachio: Will you taste it!?
Wally: Uh-uh-uh!
Vespinachio: Well, if he won't try it
Maybe his GIRLFRIEND will!
C'mon, monks
Let's give 'em a thrill!

Spinach Monks: Please taste it, you'll love it!
Don't make us be so harsh!
A nibble, why quibble?
It won't make you barf!

Abby: What's wrong with ya?! Are you deaf?!
Send that junk back to the chef!
Kuki: It's yucky, blucky, gross and soupy!
I tried it once, it tastes like--

Spinach Monks: STOP! Oh, please
don't make us get severe!
Or maybe you'll be
better off trying it in here!

Vespinachio: Will you try it in a bowl?
Wally: Not one lousy crumb!
Vespinachio: Will you try it on a roll?
Wally: Do I look like I'm that DUMB?!

Spinach Monks: YEAH! The Spinach Inquisition!
C'mon and open wide!
The Spinach Inquisition
Turn your belly green inside!
We asked you very nicely
We asked you if you'll try
But if you will not taste it
I'm afraid you'

Hoagie: (spoken) STOOOOOP!!!

(song stops)

Wally: (spoken) Stop is right! The only thing worse than spinach is a stupid song and dance numbuh about spinach!

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